Friday, 29 October 2010

Tron Legacy 3D - 23 minute preview review

Not exactly the most busiest of cinema attendances I've ever been too but the first to have two bouncers searching for us before we went in. The two security guys were almost identical twins which was a slight Matrix moment for us. They were strict too, taking away any cameras and demanding mobilephones to be switched off.

With a few minutes to go before the film, (I'm guessing) the manager appeared announcing that he would be viewing the film with us as well as the twin security guards to make sure no filming would take place and that we could provide feedback after the showing. He also mentioned that we would see a number of different scenes from the first half of the film.

3D glasses went on, a quick advert for the video game which looked ok then the familiar BBFC certificate. The first scene introduced Flynn's grown-up son, Sam arriving back on his motorbike to his warehouse-like house between two massive bridges. His cute little dog welcomes him and is given a wrapped burger. Bruce Boxleitner also awaits him to give him his father's arcade store keys and says he received a pager message.

Sam visits the arcade store and discovers the secret backroom. Wiping away the dust he activates the console and projection beam just behind him. The 3D suddenly kicks into the following scene as Sam is warped to inside the Grid and is captured by some guards then whisked away on the flying 'recognizer'. There's a number of captives, one mumbling to himself and another with his face damaged showing some sort of robotic skull. They're transported over the electronic city then land at a major hub. The prisoners are assessed, one realises his impending doom and jumps off the side. Sam is last to be picked and his feet clamped to the floor which sinks into a lift-like shaft. At the bottom four ladies robotically greet him and redress him into Tron gear commenting that he's different.

A different scene and we finally get to see some action with Sam entering a disc fight or ring game. The clear visor animation looks cool as Sam defends himself and the rebounding disc takes away some of the floor sections.

Another action scene and the other must-see, the Light Cycles. Its a chase scene and the special effects really impress as Sam is a passenger to Oliver Wilde's character (plays Thirteen in House) driving the car. The car look a lot better than expected working well with the 3D. A light cycle gets destroyed then another but the rider somehow regenerates another in mid-air causing the first audible gasp from the audience. They escape by blowing a hole through the stadium's wall then the car converts into an off-roader. Somehow someone's got hold of this scene and put it on YouTube:

The final scene is Sam finally meeting his father. Flynn Senior (Jeff Bridges) recognises him and hugs him but lets say he's not quite all there. The camera pans around to see the rest of his house and we see a classic light cycle, a nice nod to the original Tron film.

The exclusive sneak preview ends with the 'Derezzed' video with Daft Punk and the excellent Michael Sheen camping it up.

Overall impressions from the preview
The 23 minutes we saw came across as a very stylish film with the computer generated look, animation and effects being the stars of the show. The 3D wasn't that impressive but perhaps seeing it at an IMAX may do it justice. The plot could be quite simple to follow, boy finds father, son rescues father from cyberspace prison. Hopefully they'll sort the sound out at the beginning of the film as some vocals were too bass heavy to hear properly, a minor point which could be just down to the cinema's soundsystem.
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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Another Tron Legacy Trailer featuring Daft Punk

Great new trailer for the forthcoming Tron Legacy film. This time we get to see the robot gods, Daft Punk do some 'acting'. They appear to be behind a sort of DJ booth like some sort of power/game operatives. Liking the soundtrack played and can imagine that 'Derezzed' will go down well live. Also, I quite like Michael Sheen (aka Tony Blair / Brian Clough / David Frost) doing some sort of David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust blonde baddy.

Roll on tomorrow evening for the 23 minute preview.

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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tron Legacy and Daft Punk poster and film news

Earlier this week, Disney offered its Tron Legacy Facebook fans a chance to see 23 minutes of the forthcoming film at a number of chosen cinemas. You have to register with the Disney website for marketing purposes but true fans will know its worth it. Thankfully, Brighton Cineworld was one of dozen or so venues and we'll be seeing this next Thursday (28th October). Watch this space for a review.

ElecTRONica opening night photos
The Facebook fan page also has the photos from the opening of their Disneyland resort area, ElecTRONica which look really cool. The podium dancers and green lasers look great. Wonder if they sell the new Tron suits?

IMAX 3D cinema showing
I read that the US IMAX cinemas are starting to sell out of the early showings. In a small panic, I've emailed the London IMAX to see when they'll be releasing tickets themselves. Will update you by Twitter/Facebook.
Daft Punk played live last night!
Found this lovely poster too of the robot gods, Daft Punk in full Tron Legacy outfits. Speaking of which, my regular Google Alert (of keywords: Daft Punk Tron) found out that the Thomas and Guy did a surprise gig supporting fellow French band, Phoenix last night at Madison Square Garden. The Brooklyn Vegan (?) website tells all and has two photos to prove their brief appearance.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Watching myself on TV 'taking stunning pictures'

So last night was the end of waiting for my 15 minutes of fame. I'd been boring friends about my appearance on the final episode of 'How to take stunning pictures' on Channel Five since July.

With all the nerves and a slight sick feeling of dread in my stomach, I think I came off okay even if it was weird to see myself.

The first bit with Suzi Perry came off well but the shot ended with myself looking a bit narky and possibly a little like Karl Pilkington. That was because Suzi made the blunder of wearing the wrong outfit and us having to film again for the sake of continuity (I might have mentally said for f*sake). The cafe scene had been cut in half as we both had to show a photo we were happy with and one (shown) we were not. The bit cut out was Martin dissing my better photo or rather me challenging him on the content. Couldn't have that banter on TV I can tell you as I almost had Martin 'climb down' from his comment.

There was so much filming on the pier and North Laine but after all the editing it came across that I didn't really have much to say (though to be honest I think I'm generally like that anyway!). I quite liked the touch of the 'pretend to be a fly' moment as I was taking it as literally as I could. I remember struggling to being able to talk confidently about the day's lesson. Partly down to having a very brief encounter with Martin Parr having been promised to spend the whole day with him, and partly down to just nerves standing in front of camera in a very public place - a couple of beered-up boys shouting at the camera nearly ruined the scene.

The assignment in Kensingston Gardens
The second day went really well but the screen time felt like seconds. Glad they used the footage of meeting Spyke, the 'Dr Dolittle of Brighton'. Sad to hear he's quite unwell though according to this website. At the end of the filming the director wanted some candid opinion on how it went. We did so many takes for that segment because of the noise of traffic and seagulls. The end result was just a sentence instead of my honest (perhaps slightly frustrated) account.

Other observations were that the episode felt like the expert, in this case, Martin Parr got a lot more interview time compared to the other episodes. I remember the director, Toby saying he was the biggest name on the whole series though I also remember Martin wanting things his way at times.

Quite chuffed how my photos came out but as yet I still haven't received them from the TV company, Blink. They promised after the show just in case I published them online.

Twitter comments
Twitter has been interesting since the show. Found and received some nice compliments from complete strangers and a hash tag associated to me i.e. #peggalike. Hmm, wonder if @simonpegg was monitoring that or even watching the show?

In case you missed it, its repeated on Sunday 24th at 11am or you can view on Demand Five website.
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Monday, 11 October 2010

Greg Davies - Brighton Comedy Festival

Tickets have been booked to see Greg Davies this Saturday at the Brighton Dome. Some people will know him from The Inbetweeners but I'll associate him more with We Are Klang (introduce yourselves to this episode clip on YouTube). Looking forward to this and thought I'd add a preview video. Sadly, for anyone wanting to go, his stand-up, 'Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog' has sold out.

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Town Called Panic

After our bike ride yesterday, we treated ourselves to a posh meal at La Fourchette. It must have been the fourth restaurant to book as all were fully booked. I still can't believe that the most useful search keywords to use were 'posh restaurant Brighton'. It started off very well, starters and service all very good but their sea bass was heavily boned. I made the mistake of re-ordering it and it was nearly as bad. Made up for it by having the Pear amandine with vanilla ice cream. Delicious!

Sunday should have been another training session especially as the weather kept its promise of being warm. However, the house and garden were a tip so spent some energy tidying and mowing. I also wasted £3.50 of 5 minutes looking around a photography sale at the Racecourse. It was more like a carboot sale of old camera crap. It would have been £10 (a tenner!?) if I'd been there before 10am.

For our animation amusement. we saw A Town Called Panic at the Duke of Yorks. If you're familiar with the Cravendale milk adverts, then you'll understand the simple yet manic style of animation I'm talking about. The trailer below looked hilarious. Unfortunately, the whole thing was just above average. There were some lovely, endearing touches with the three central characters of Cowboy, Indian and the Horse, all spoken in manic French. The problem really was either the format is better in short 2 minute periods for the jokes or one for the stoners.

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Training for 'Nam - Cycling the Selmeston - Hailsham loop

In the spirit of The Gadget Show, creating a challenge out of the long task of cycle training, I combined my new HTC Desire with Google Maps.

The route we did today was based on the East Sussex Country Council cycling website and their Off the Cuckoo Trail Easy route using Selmeston as the start and looping a figure of 8 via Hailsham. Basically, I took the route suggested in the Cuckoo Trail leaflet and mapped it on Google Maps then viewed it on the phone. With the GPS navigation, it helped turn at the right place and calculate the real mileage.

View Selmeston-Hailsham cycle ride 1 in a larger map

The first loop was a little dull with just country roads but at least it was quiet. We stopped for lunch at The Yew Tree pub which was ok. The menu was vast if you want a large cooked meal but very little snack choices. The second part of the ride was a lot more enjoyable as we joined the Cuckoo Trail towards Hailsham, a car free cycle route. Even better was the alternative, short cut we used through the woods getting a bit muddy but loving every minute.

The last part was around the Arlington Reservoir avoiding the OAPs as they berry-picked or bird-watched. Nice bit of countryside I must say. Instead of the leaflet's claim of 18 miles we finished up with a tally of 25 miles.

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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bedrock 12 at Brixton Academy

Left Brighton to its disco fascination for Brixton and John Digweed's big Bedrock 12 party at the O2 Academy. Nice to have a big group of us out though the rain didn't stop all day making it a damp start. Still no big queues to get in.

Digweed's first set was quite bland and light but still good. Carl Cox was the sandwich filling between. I was expecting a ploddy techno set but he did have his good moments. He still likes using the microphone which was annoying at times and there were some choppy and poor mixing along the way.

The other rooms weren't really worth bothering with and most of the time it was just a case of getting out of the heat and resting from the vibrating levelled dancefloor. Surprisingly, at about 3am the majority wanted to go back to Steve and Sam's so Julian and I carried on.

Digweed's second set was a lot better and everything he played was completely new, no previous mix album tracks, no classics either. I could only last another 90 minutes of heat plus the main room was getting a little too busy.

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